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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bitone Youth

My name is Kayongo Roscoe. I am 16 years old. When I was young I was not studying because my parents are very poor. They decided to take me to government school but I was not studying very well. When I reached Primary 4 I joined the school choir and was doing very well in all items. One day we had music competitions between 6 schools and we won, the judge appreciated very much. I felt very happy. When I was sitting home people from Bitone Center came and spoke to my parents because they wanted to look after me. I was really excited and my parents decided for me to go because I was going to attend school again and also develop my talents in music and dance. At Bione, I found children who were disadvantaged but very talented. Here I learn many things like music, care, education, and discipline. Thank you Bitone.

My name is Elizabeth and I am 16 years old. Before I came to Bitone I was deep in the village staying with my mother. My father died when I was a baby. I grew up in a tough situation to the extent that I missed the paternal love of my dad and some many years without schooling. Soon a clan member of ours conquered our property and our situation became black where we could not see our future. Bitone made me forget my sour times and tears. I came to Bitone become I was an orphan with a talent for singing. Bitone has promoted my talents, and I will payback such privileges and I promise to be a good musician in the future, if not a trainer. As I go on I want to study human rights so that I deal with those who have bad behaviors, those especially who are mistreating the children because I am feeling sorry of my country. May god bless you.

My name is Jane-Rose and I was born in Uganda, Luweero district in a family of 4 children. At the age of 1 year old I lost my dad to HIV/AIDS scourge and stayed with my mom deep in the village of Kiyanda in Luweero District. At that time, my mom was chased away from the house by my Aunts. I started staying in the kitchen where I also was haunted and sent away. Without hope my mom was forced to get married again to another husband who was also a peasant. We moved to another village known as Kisooba in the same district and rented a small house for survival. Due to no rent, we were forced to evacuate the house. With the help of some neighbors we were able to rent another house in Kiyana Village where they started subsistence farming. I was 4 years old and was therefore ready to start school. With the small earning they yielded from farming they sent me to school. By now my mom was struggling with her illnesses and I was brought to Bitone for educational as well art music dance and drama programs.

My name is Gloria. I was born in Uganda, Gulu district in a family of 8 children and I am the 4th born. My late dad Luke Ochopi was a local farmer. My late mom worked in Salon in the village. At the age of 5 years old, my family was attacked by the rebels of the “Lord’s Resistance Army” and Joseph Kony. Both my parents lost their lives. With the help and the my Aunt, us remaining kids moved to Luweero District in Kalule village. In 2005, I was rescued by Bitone for rehabilitation and educational programs as well as talent development.

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