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Sunday, May 19, 2013



1. Augustine emerges the BEST student in his class (Senior One). He was the 1st out of the 66 students. His best subjects include; Biology, Agriculture, Commerce and Entrepreneurship. Congratulations Augustine. We are proud of you.

2. Angel became the 2nd out of the 72 students in her class. As always, she won recognition of being highly academically and socially disciplined, focused, dedicated and talented. Receive a big hug Angel!!


Augustine, Jane-Rose and Angel

Angel Giving a Speech at her school

A big thank you to all those persons that supported these two young academicians.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Angel - Now a Presenter On WBS (Teen's Club Show)

Angel is now one of the presenters on a Teen's Club Show aired live on WBS Television every Saturday. The Teen’s Club Program focuses on matters that relate with the youth including: behavior, abstinence, education, and leisure. Apart from being talented in performance of dance and poetry, Angel has a strong passion for acting. Her presentation on WBS Television reflects her inner values of self-respect, self-confidence, and leadership.

"In future, I want to become a medical doctor, an entertainer and a volunteer in children’s centers, says Angel. She adds that her hobbies and interests include traveling, watching cartoons, and swimming, listening to music and dancing.

"I invite you all to watch our show every Saturday 11.00 - 1.00 PM" HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

I love you all -Angel

Angel Clad in a Self-Designed Attire.!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Branco in U.S.

After satisfying all the necessary requirements during the intense nation-wide scholarship competition, Branco was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue his graduate studies at Wesleyan University in CT. Prior to joining his academic institution, Branco had to undergo a pre-academic training at the University of Washington in Seattle where he spent over two months. In the end, he won the best student award in the training among a few others and awarded a certificate of merit. At Wesleyan University, Branco is studying Music Composition and sound/recording technology skills which he hopes will be beneficial to Bitone Center upon his return after the completion of his studies. Despite his physical absence, Branco still renders full time services to the center; ensuring that all programs run smoothly. His counterpart Francis Katimbo who is the current interim administrator is such a devoted and passionate volunteer whose services have already established positive values in kids.

While in US, Branco hopes to spread more awareness about the goals and mission of Bitone Children’s Center. He is still considering more partnerships and collaborations opportunities with individuals and organizations that are interested in sharing the stories, struggles, successes and vision of Bitone Children. Branco has always strongly believed that music and dance can restore peace, international relationships and economic development. “Everyday, as I work with the Bitone children, I am amazed by the power and impact of music and dance in restoration of hope, development of talent and realization of leadership and life skills in the lives of these little children. The urge to excel and to be productive in the children has always left me in wonders and overwhelming excitement” said Branco.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Global Giving Campaign (Give Below)

Thank for your continued support and interest in Bitone success!  Beginning today August 18th, Bitone is participating in GlobalGiving’s Global Open challenge, a fundraising opportunity for nonprofit organizations working around the world.

Now through September 18, if Bitone Center can raise at least $4,000 from at least 50 donors, we will earn a permanent spot on, the internationally recognized marketplace for philanthropy that connects individual donors to the causes they care most about.

Every donation helps, and no donation is too small. You can support Bitone for as little as $10 and make an impact. In addition to helping us earn a spot on GlobalGiving, the organizations that raise the most money will earn a bonus $1,000-$3,000. The organization that recruits the most donors will earn an extra $3,000.

On behalf of Bitone Center and Global Giving, I would like to initiate a call for support!!

Obtaining a permanent spot on Global Giving’s site, will allow Bitone to raise money for operational costs, equipment, costumes, instruments, all resources that must be obtained in order for the organization to become sustainable.  

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bitone Meets the President

Bitone graced the states house in Entebbe on Saturday May 30th, performing for Uganda's own, president Museveni, and Burundian president Pierre Nkunziza. Nkunziza was visiting the pearl for 3 days, and Bitone helped send him off in style.

The performance was short and sweet (maybe 3 minutes) but Museveni spent a considerable amount of time talking with the kids afterwords, asking them each their name, age, and place of birth.

Some of the Bitone youth reflect on the experience in their own words:

I am Afrochian Joanita. On Saturday May 30th 2009 I was the happiest person in the all world becuase it was my first time to go to the state house and what I saw I had never seen it. First of all I shaked presidetns' hands. That made me happy because many people want that but they cannot get it. I thank God for that. It was good and interesting and I never knew we had a beautiful place like that in Uganda. So president I pray to God that he gives you more life forever and ever. For God and my country.


My name is Nansumba Sylvia. On Saturday May 30th 2009 it was an intersting day in my life, reason being, it was my first day to take to handshake with the president of Uganda and go to the state house. I thank God for that. Rich people are there in Uganda but of all God has choosen me, and they had never gone there. It was my first time. Prasie is to be for Mighty Lord and I know that He will take me in other good places like that. Praise Lord.

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