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Monday, August 31, 2009

Branco in U.S.

After satisfying all the necessary requirements during the intense nation-wide scholarship competition, Branco was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue his graduate studies at Wesleyan University in CT. Prior to joining his academic institution, Branco had to undergo a pre-academic training at the University of Washington in Seattle where he spent over two months. In the end, he won the best student award in the training among a few others and awarded a certificate of merit. At Wesleyan University, Branco is studying Music Composition and sound/recording technology skills which he hopes will be beneficial to Bitone Center upon his return after the completion of his studies. Despite his physical absence, Branco still renders full time services to the center; ensuring that all programs run smoothly. His counterpart Francis Katimbo who is the current interim administrator is such a devoted and passionate volunteer whose services have already established positive values in kids.

While in US, Branco hopes to spread more awareness about the goals and mission of Bitone Children’s Center. He is still considering more partnerships and collaborations opportunities with individuals and organizations that are interested in sharing the stories, struggles, successes and vision of Bitone Children. Branco has always strongly believed that music and dance can restore peace, international relationships and economic development. “Everyday, as I work with the Bitone children, I am amazed by the power and impact of music and dance in restoration of hope, development of talent and realization of leadership and life skills in the lives of these little children. The urge to excel and to be productive in the children has always left me in wonders and overwhelming excitement” said Branco.


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